Marketing & communication

Van Kempen helps to offers the following services to support understanding and connecting with your customers and target groups.

Marketing & communication research

Qualitative and quantitative research methods, ranging from user tests based on psychological research techniques, observation, in-depht interviewing and online expert debates.

Marketing & communication strategies

The translation of insights, data and ideas into sound strategies and plans aiming to realize your ambitions.

Marketing & communication activities and campaigns

Van Kempen develops means which appeal to your target group and influence them - because its their perception and motives that our work is based on. Ranging from events, brochures, booklets, cd-roms and posters to websites. Clients also rely on us for the execution of campaigns, house styles, PR, writing of articles & press releases.

Workshops & seminars

Aiming to get participants to leave the beaten track, to explore and identify new routes for success, accept challenges, develop solutions and get inspired.

Toolkits & training

Dissemination of knowledge and experience helps to make a leap and prevents the reinvention of the wheel. Clear, step by step guidelines support your target groups, employees and clients to make a difference. Training supports implementing new marketing and communication strategies.

Organizational development

Your organization is the vehicle to accomplish your aims. Van Kempen supports organizational change and optimalisation.

See also:

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