Meeting needs

Marketing is more about meeting needs than creating demand. Do you truly understand your clients needs? How do prospects feel about your organisation and services? How do they perceive competitors? Which offer makes your clients tick? Which communication persuades them? How can you best connect?

What drives your clients?

Emotions, the unconscious and social influence and have far more impact on human decisions than we would like to admit. Humans rationalise past behaviour. And are inaccurate in predicting their own future actions and reactions. The good news is that recent scientific insights explain the main drivers for human behaviour. These insights have great implications for the design of marketing research, strategies and tactics.

Connecting by understanding

Van Kempen uses state of the art psychological knowledge and research techniques to understand target group behaviour, motives and decision processes. In close cooperation with clients, we identify market opportunities, develop marketing & communication strategies and implement marketing and communication activities. Online and off line. Based on understanding, aiming to connect.


- Marketing & communication research and analysis.

- Marketing & communication strategies and tactics.

- Implementing marketing & communication activities (website, social media, campaigns, activities to connect).

- Facilitating marketing & communication teams through workshops, toolkits and training.

- Organisational development aiming to create a culture which fosters and enables effective marketing & communication.

Peter Paul van Kempen is a psychologist with passion for marketing and communication challenges and twenty years working experience in the field.

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Understanding motives, drives, decision processes and behaviour. Smart marketing research with a psychological edge. User Experience testing. Developing and implementing marketing and communication activities which truly connect.