Why Van Kempen?

Van Kempen offers marketing & communication solutions since 1998. Based on sound research, thorough analysis and creative ideas. Van Kempen takes an independent and fact-based view on your marketing & communication challenges. And applies state of the art psychological know how to create effective solutions.

Know you destination to focus

Where do you want to get? Clarity on the destination is the first step needed to be successful. As an outsider, Van Kempen provides a mirror and guide for your mission and aims.

Understand your target groups to connect

To reach people -to get your message across- you need to understand their perspectives, believes and values. You need to know what motives drives them. The strategies and activities Van Kempen develops, are based on understanding and result in connecting with your customers.

Why choose Van Kempen?

- Synergy of expertise: research, psychology, marketing, communication and organisational development.

- Combination of research + analyses + strategy + tactics + action.

- Large scale, high profile projects for big institutions are delivered with the same care and quality standards as projects for medium and small size business.

- Understanding of both governments and policy processes as businesses and hands on action. Different worlds require different approaches. Knowing both worlds opens doors for synergy.

- Lean & mean.

- Van Kempen transfers knowledge en skills to clients; building capacity and creating a sustainable relation.

Reclassering Nederland: Corporate image research and online survey for employees.

NCDO: Booklet about partnerships. Concept, expert interviews, desk-research, content and text (pdf).