Behaviour change to protect nature and for sustainability

Peter Paul van Kempen, Behavioral Psychologist

Maybe you struggle to get people to change their behaviour for your plans and projects. It can be hard. Would you change when I ask you to? Probably not!

Even changing our own behaviour when we are highly motivated, is a challenge. How often do we fail to achieve our New Year’s resolutions? The gym is full in January but take a look after a few months…And in this case we can only blame ourselves. Recognise it? Don’t feel ashamed. I have been there too. Join the club. It is only natural.

Obstacles for behaviour change

Why is changing behaviour so difficult? Because it meets resistance. Because it means breaking habits. Because social forces and context shape behaviour. And because motivation rises and drops. Willpower alone is not sufficient for long term and sustainable change.

The good news is that there are now models and methods available which make behaviour change more easy. Social scientists unravelled the major barriers for behaviour change. And discovered the crucial ingredients for successful change.

Design of behaviour change

My passion is to empower people and projects for behaviour change. Using models based in science and proved in practice.

I help clients to make behaviour change feasible, manageable and predictable. By designing behaviour change strategies and developing communication and marketing solutions which truly have impact.

So how can I help?

I assist teams in several ways. I can teach your team via a presentation, a workshop or a training. I coach and consult teams working on a project. And I conduct research to understand behaviour and context. This is the foundation for the design of effective strategies. Contact me if you want to explore opportunities for collaboration.

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