Peter Paul van Kempen is an independent consultant and co-founder of Frogleaps.org. Peter Paul has a passion for marketing and communication for sustainable development.

Until ten years ago, he worked on environmental projects which always had high aspirations but often failed to have the promised impact. He became discontented and decided to take up the challenge to find the formula of successful behaviour change. This was an adventurous journey, hard work and practice. Luckily he got help from a great guides and mentors: Dr. BJ Fogg who leads the Stanford Persuasive Technology lab and Frits Hesselink, Emeritus Chair of CEC, with whom he co-founded Frogleaps, an expertise platform on human behavior change for conservation.

Peter Paul supports his clients with strategies, built by using state of the art psychological models for human behavior. He delivers projects which connect with audiences by understanding them first. His specialties are understanding motives, decision processes and designing behavior change strategies.

Education and training

Peter Paul van Kempen (1966) got his Masters in Psychology at the University of Utrecht. Subsequently, he completed the European Postgraduate Course Environmental Policy and Management (EPCEM) at the University of Amsterdam, VU University, the University of Leiden and Wageningen University.

In the past years he completed several courses and trainings (Bootcamp Behaviour Design by Dr. BJ Fogg; Dutch Society Marketing Research; PricewaterhouseCooopers, Neutron, Marty Neumeier).


Working four years as a project manager for Motivaction, a research based consultancy, Van Kempen gathered extensive experience in the field of marketing research. Working for governments, health care institutions and fast moving consumer goods helped to develop a broad perspective of client’s marketing and communication issues. Applying a wide range of research techniques created a strong foundation for his ability to develop effective marketing research designs.

At SME, a communication consultancy, he carried out multidisciplinary marketing and communication projects using psychological expertise to reach out to target groups and connect. For instance, he succesfully completed a project motivating and supporting banks and insurance companies in the Netherlands to form a network and cooperate implementing environmental care.

As a senior consultant for research agency Ergo he built marketing strategies based on fact-based insights of target groups perceptions and behaviour.